Branding Packages.

Thinking about starting a new brand or perhaps a re-brand of your existing business? Read on.

When branding or re-branding a business there are a few factors to take into consideration from what colour scheme you want your business to have to what messaging you want your brand to portray to the world.

Choosing a branding package or agency should never be a quick decision and should be discussed in detail with someone who has experience building brands within your industry. It’s vital to understand your future plans and aspirations for your brand so you can make it a success over time. Many people in today’s age still have the belief that branding is about what your logo look likes but there is much more to it than that.

Think about a time when you visited a specific retail shop and you were welcomed by an ear to ear smile with perhaps a slight hint of scented candle in the air and the shop was laid out neatly with each product glistening under a dimmed light. We have all been to these shops and they are often well thought out and had a lot of planning to achieve this in advance.

Their main goal is to not only sell you their products but to also make you feel very comfortable and to enjoy a very pleasant shopping experience making you want to come back. This is the sort of branding so many people leave out that can make a big difference to a business. It’s all about the small details that make a big difference.

Online businesses are no different whether that be in e-commerce or a service based business. They all need to be welcoming, easy to understand and of course have an eye appealing brand.

We thought we would give some examples of some brands that go above and beyond the majority of their competitors and you will see why. The first example was a website recommended to me as a great example and after visiting this website I knew why. I actually felt like buying their products despite never having any previous desire to do so but because their branding and product listings were so on point it created a ‘want’ inside of me that can be sometimes hard to achieve.

This website is called and is an ecommerce store specialising in causal footwear made from wool based in New Zealand. Sounds pretty cool huh? The branding of this website is actually one of the best I have seen within this industry and as you know is an incredibly competitive industry. Branding is very important in this industry and without it is just a recipe for disaster.

This is the homepage of allbirds with the menu ope

We specialise in creating brands from online identity, brand messaging to custom designed websites for brands. Whatever your goals are we always happy to answer any questions or talk about a new project you have in mind.