Paper Trail Bookkeeping


Website Design & Brand Messaging

Paper Trail Bookkeeping was one of our first branding projects so it still holds a special place in our hearts. Owned and run by Claire Adams, we were first approached with this project as something fresh and flexible to play with. Claire wanted a website that was personal, has a strong brand presence and that visually matched her logo which was already designed. After a couple of meetings we were able to identify Claire's target audience and a solid vision for her brand. The end result was a website and unique brand that Claire is very proud to call hers. See below on how we structured such an exciting project. 


Every device counts. 

Desktop, Tablet, Phone, TV ... you name it they are all important in their own way and all sites should be built with this in mind.

When we started designing and building the site, we had a clear vision of how we wanted to showcase Claire's services and be easily to get in touch. Each service was carefully laid out and presented on the homepage with a variety of contact methods including a form, contact numbers and email. 

The result was a fully responsive website that was easy to navigate and clearly presented what was on offer including pricing and services. 


Brand Messaging. 

A brand is much more than how it looks visually, It's also about how it makes a person feel. A clever brand almost has a language of it's own that stands out and resonates with your target audience. 

For this project we identified the target market and decided on a personal and inviting approach that has nothing to hide. We built a brand that invites you in with it's velvet like fonts, soft messaging and shaded colours throughout the site. 

All in all, a brand our client is incredibly happy to call hers. 


Personal Approach.

Throughout the site we wanted to give Claire's site a personal and soft approach making it a nice experience for anyone visiting the site.

A lot of Claire's potential clients are sole traders or smaller businesses therefore working with a single bookkeeper can be more appealing to a lot of people. We wanted to make the visitor aware quite quickly that this is a much more personal service rather than your standard bookkeeping firm. 


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