Kimball Smith

Website Design

Located just on the outskirts of Winchester in a village called Twyford lies a friendly Accountancy firm called Kimball Smith. Armed with a variety of accounting services, Kimball Smith were in need of some TLC for their website & logo. We had a few meetings about the best approach to the brand to another level so the question was, what was best for the business, a rebrand or revamp. We went for a revamp. We actually believe the current logo to be good and there was no reason to upgrade it all. It just needed up scaling to a much higher quality and that was it. All in all a great project to work on and are happy to say they were very delighted with the result! 


1. Your Website Requirements

We really want to understand what your specific requirements are for your website so we can make it a success from launch. Before the designing and building phase we always start by having a detailed call or email.

2. Design & Build

Once we are ready to start building and designing your website we charge 50% of the project fee upfront. During this phase you will be invited to log into your website and watch the progress of your website come to life.

3. Launch Day

When you are completely satisfied with your website and are ready to launch it to the world we will then handle the technical aspects for you to make it a smooth process. Here we will also request the remaining 50% of payment before launch.

4. Support & Maintenance

Once you are successfully launched, we will then support you with making your site a success, this means helping you with updates, re-designs & much more. We offer small monthly retainers and one off support packages to suit your needs.