5 Facebook Marketing Tips For Accountants & Bookkeepers.

Facebook as I am sure you well aware is one of the best platforms for attracting new clients and building a new audience for your business. Yet if you google 'Accountant' or 'Bookkeeper' followed by your location for example 'Accountant in Brighton' you will most likely see that it is usually dominated by 3-4 for that town or city. Why? well there are a few reasons but Facebook, just like Google has it's own Algorithm when it comes to ranking pages and is usually determined this way by a few elements that I will list below. If you follow my steps below I am quite confident that you will rank a lot higher than you are right now and have a good chance of competing with the top pages if you are consistent with these steps. 


1. Getting more likes & followers

The more likes you have, the better chance of ranking higher especially if you are listed as a local business and your likes are from local people. If you are a local business which in the majority of cases being an accountant or bookkeeper you are this can really help. Getting likes organically is difficult as it means people taking their time to search for you, going to your page and hitting like, this seems to be the case for a lot of pages and especially smaller businesses. I believe it is also harder for serviced based businesses such as Finance. There are ways around this and the one way I recommend is by joining local Facebook business groups in your area. Search for local business 'groups' by your city/town or by your county for example if you are in Brighton you can use search terms like 'businesses in brighton' or 'brighton networking' or by your county 'businesses in sussex' as an example. There should be at least a couple of active groups that do this in your area. Once you have found a few I recommend joining as many as you can and the bigger the groups usually the better. I have generally found groups with less than 50 members tend not to be very active so my rule of thumb has always been to join any that are over that number. Also depending on where you live it might be worth joining neighbouring towns and city's especially if you have prospecting clients there. Now the reason for joining these groups is to make others aware about your business and connect with others locally and also getting likes which will help in ranking your page. The main reason I have recommended joining these groups is that It is very popular among business groups to offer the opportunity for all members to like each others business pages. Now as an accountant and bookkeeper the more likes and the more people are aware of you locally it can be a great benefit to being found and ranked higher in Facebook. Below is a screenshot of a group I am part of in my county, you can see below every Friday the admin gives everyone the opportunity to advertise their page and for people to like each other You can also see there were 186 comments! That is a lot of businesses and a lot of likes! Try it out and see how effective it is at achieving more local likes. 


2. Reviews 

If you read my last blog on 'marketing for accountants and bookkeepers' which you can read by clicking the link, you will see that I wrote in depth about how reviews are so important to growing your business online. It is such a vital piece on transitioning a prospective client to an actual paying client. I don't want to repeat myself too much in case you did read my last blog but in a nutshell reviews not only help rank your page on platforms such as Facebook but they also give your audience an inside look into how your business may operate and tells them what it was like to work with you. Asking your clients for a review shouldn't be awkward if you have provided an excellent service for them and you will be surprised by how many will be happy to do one for you. For me I usually wait until the work is complete or if it is an on-going task, just ask when you feel comfortable and feel you have a good re-pour with them. You can also tell them it doesn't have to be long which will give them more of a chance of writing one so they don't feel pressured to write an essay! There are no end goal with reviews, the more the better!



3. Post often 

This is probably the hardest and most challenging as it means you will need to be persistent but it will start paying off if you are! Facebook loves pages that are posting often and will usually rank pages higher that are regularly active. The issue with this however can be that you struggle with what to post. It is an understandable especially when you need to post frequently and be creative. The one thing that helped me with this Plateau is when I was listening to one of the best digital marketers called 'Gary Vaynerchuk'. He insists we document over create. Not only has he managed to create a 100 million dollar company with this philosophy but also means that he is always posting something new and very frequently. if you are documenting you never run out of ideas as you are literally documenting your day to day business life. I am sure you have seen pages like this where businesses document their recent projects, news about their staff, maybe share an experience they had on the day, it can literally be anything, just make sure it would be somewhat interesting to the reader! People are naturally curious and curiosity can turn into clients.  If you don't feel comfortable documenting however, stick to the creative route by offering value, write blog posts such as this one, offer special offers or show off some of your recent work or testimonials. There are many ways to grow a page by posting and is an entirely broad subject all together so I recommend doing some research on this if even check what bigger competitors are doing to give you an idea. I will be doing a blog post on exactly this in the near future so keep an eye out!


4. Verify your page

Verifying your page is important as it tells Facebook that you are an official business and gives you more credibility. Verifying your page has also been shown to help with rankings. Verifying your page will take no more than a few minutes and can usually be verified through your own telephone number. I have included a short tutorial on how to do it below. Also below is a picture where you can see a page is verified where the arrow is pointing to the little tick in a circle. 


5. Look Professional

Although this doesn't technically rank your page any higher, having a decent look to your brand will only help you in the short and long term marketing strategy. What I mean by professional look is your brand identity. On your Facebook page this usually means your logo and cover page and also the look of your posts. Once you start getting more likes and followers and some engagement on your posts, the last thing you want happening is for people to start losing interest because you look, well .. unprofessional. I really can't emphasise enough how 'visual' is still so important in regards to communicating to your audience.  The truth is know one wants to look at something that is unappealing no matter how often you post. Make sure you have a well designed logo and cover page when posting, make sure you always use high quality images or photo's at all times! Below is a great example. Kara accountants have a well designed logo and cover page. They are using high quality images and also you can see some documenting below celebrating their directors birthday.  If you want to be really professional, you can start including your brand messaging in posts, using your logo in each image you post, I recommend this for more advanced users but starting with what I have mentioned will really help.




I hope you have found these 5 tips useful. If you combine all 5 at the same time there is no reason to not rank highly for your accounting or bookkeeping firm. I have used these with past and current clients and have seen great results. Remember persistence is key! 

If you need a hand with growing your accounting or bookkeeping business through marketing or branding, we specialise in helping accountants and bookkeepers across the UK. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions: info@hampshirewebsites.co.uk 


Ashley (ClickPeach)