5 Squarespace website examples that I love.

Here I have gathered 5 squarespace websites from different industries that have really caught my eye recently and thought I'd share them for a couple reasons. Firstly to show you the power of what squarespace is capable of as a web design platform and secondly to help with inspiration for fellow squarespace designers like myself. For each site I have also included a brief on what really drew me to these sites in the first place and what I think made them special and stand out. With our further a do, let's check them out!


1. Salon 25 


I first came across this site when I was looking for some inspiration for a website I was creating for a hair salon in my home town. I had a specific style in mind I was looking for as I really wanted to represent their brand in the best way possible. When I came across Salon 25 I was immediately drawn by their large photo header and clean and simple logo design, something that is very in at the moment. Scrolling down the page I was met with a very clean and nicely spaced out layout, paragraphs of text separated by beautifully eye catching photography. There is nothing more unappealing than large blocks of text so this sort of layout is brilliant to combat this. The images used throughout the site are all unique and different in their own way making the whole user experience very delightful. Definitely worth a check out if you are planning to create a site for a hair salon that draws eyes.


I came across this site completely by accident and upon further inspection was delighted to see it was made with squarespace. The first thing that drew me to this site was the contrast in colours running throughout. They all work together beautifully whilst presenting a professional brand. I'm sure you have all seen websites that are brightly coloured but don't quite work somehow but this does for sure. I also loved the proportions in size and they felt perfect from the photography, to the header titles size and body text size. Definitely a website the owners should be proud of promoting! 


Have a wedding business? Check this site out. Not only is this site beautifully designed but it is also filled with rich content that should inspire to any wedding planner embarking on their journey online. Design wise the site has a crisp earthy feel to to it that I love. It is very inviting and really draws on what the site has to offer. Their list of services are nicely laid out and designed with a beautiful tone of pink that really draws you towards it, very clever! Probably my favourite part about this site though is their regions page. Each region listed is presented with a stunning HD photo that actually makes you pause for a sec to admire the view. 


This website is a fantastic example of why squarespace is a great option for many dentists. A lot of dental practises don't need any complicated back end integrations and are happy to showcase their team, prices and services which is perfectly fine. So what caught my eye about this one? First of it has a strong brand identity that carry's itself throughout the site, the photography used is of very high quality and the icons used to showcase their services are very neat. The whole site has a neutral feel which I think works very well for this industry.  The site layout is also very clean and easy to follow, all in all, a fantastic dental website. 


Soul Food Studio is a website run by Amanda Russell. This website is quite simply stunning. It is bright and has an airy feel to it that is very refreshing. The site is a breeze to navigate through with a nicely spaced out navigation bar running a long the top. The layout of the site is very well spaced out and making it easy on the eye. My favourite part of this site is the large logo dominating the top of the website. A good example of how simplicity can really look professional if done correctly.