3 simple Squarespace SEO Tips.

Below I have included 3 simple SEO tips you can use today to help you rank your Squarespace site higher in search engines using your chosen keywords. This guide is perfect for anyone who is new to SEO or anyone unfamiliar using SEO in Squarespace. 

1. Describe what your website is about in the SEO box.

This may seem obvious but some people forget this, especially people just starting out. Go to 'Settings' in the menu bar and select the 'SEO' option. Just like in the picture below you will be given a box to fill in at the top. This box helps search enginges such as google identify what your website is about. Imagine someone asking you 'what is your website about'? Your are answering it here. 



2. Label your images correctly. 

Every image you place on your website should be labelled correctly and this will help with your SEO. The way I do it and to keep it simple is to describe the image in 2-3 keywords followed by your website or business name all separated by hyphens. Below is an example of a client of mine called Claire Adams who is a bookkeeper. This image is a button that takes you to her bookkeeping price page. The image has 3 important keywords (bookkeeping-affordable-packages) why you may ask? Think about what your potential client is looking for. If someone googles 'affordable bookkeeping packages' there is a good chance Claire would rank a lot higher for bookkeepers in the area that the potential client is looking for. End all your images with the name of your business or website domain. 



3. Site title & Tag line.

Naming your site title and tag line is crucial if you want search engines to understand what you site is about and is even more important for attracting your target audience as this is the first thing they see before clicking on your website. This is where you need your most important keywords. The site title as the name suggests is the name that is presented when your website is listed in the search engines. Below is an example of a bookkeeping business.

Their name is 'Paper Trail Bookkeeping', they are located in Southampton UK and they specialise in Payroll & Tax returns. When creating your site it is a good idea to put your business or website name first. You then separate the word by a vertical bar or hyphen like below. Place your important keywords that you want your audience to be attracted to, in this case below Payroll & Tax Returns. I then placed another vertical bar followed by Southampton UK as this will attract a more local audience which my client is trying to target. Of course you will have your own keywords so try and figure yours out first, identify who your most target audience is and find out what words they would use to find you. 

A 'Tag Line' in the box below helps boost your site title, it helps search engines and your audience get an even more specific description of your website so it helps narrow down your target audience. Make it very short and to the point. Below we decided on 'Paper Trail Bookkeeping specialises in Payroll & Tax Returns In Southampton & Surrounding Areas. This is short and describes exactly what the business does.